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Join the Meet Your Soul Mate Challenge to discover why he hasn’t appeared yet and how to call him in fast without doubt or overwhelm!

Challenge Starts 1 November, 2021.

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"He showed up out of the blue!"

Lorraine (Jersey)

"I’m currently living with my BOYFRIEND!"

Charlie (London)

"I called in love!"

Sonia (Florida)

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  • You will discover how to make yourself a magnet for him to come to you so that you can quit trying to find him;
  • You will realise that it's never too late for love and that he is looking for you too!
  • You will reconnect with your self worth so that you can confidently receive a man that deserves you;
  • You will reclaim your desire for love rather than have it feel out of reach and another exhausting 'to do' on your list;
  • You will start to feel that it's safe to trust again meaning you can finally allow yourself to love and be loved;
  • You'll be given exclusive access to the private 'Meet Your Soul Mate Challenge' Facebook group along with the other women taking part. Every day I will share one simple action that you must complete and post how you got on in the group. You will not be alone on this journey! Each task can be done in around 30 minutes and I will personally be on hand to answer your questions. I will be with you every step of the way alongside a bunch of awesome women who have the same dream as you!


"I bet you are fed up with experts, apps and media telling you what you SHOULD be doing to meet your man!? I will not do that. Instead, you will discover your own special way to call in your guy - it has everything to do with accessing your empowered feminine energy and nothing to do with your profile pic! I'm going to show you how to switch on your individual magnetism, ignite your confidence and have you remember just how loveable and worthy of love you are! "

Love Stories 

"I see my worth more and more every day and I feel so much more comfortable in receiving love - mentally, physically and emotionally."

Izi (UK)

"Katie was able to see things in me I wasn’t able to see. She created a safe space for me to let down the barriers and explore everything it is to be authentically me!"

Dayna (USA)

"I removed blocks, healed my heart and now have clarity in what I desire. I truly believe I am worthy of a healthy and committed relationship which I didn't dream possible!"

Clare (Australia)

" I am genuinely changed. I feel so happy. I'm taking action towards my dreams and I can't believe how quickly everything is happening for me! "

Sharon (UK)

Meet Your Host - Katie Phillips

As an acclaimed therapeutic master coach, it was professionally embarrassing to be single when my deepest desire was to love and be loved. I helped my clients to make the impossible happen - from money to health to love - but I couldn't find my man. I genuinely believed that love was not meant for me - that I was wired wrong in some way. My heart had been broken so many times and I wasn't sure I could trust again. I was also a single mum, running a business and quite frankly didn't have the time or energy to date. I also didn't want a man to come in between my son & I or to take my attention off my business - the two things which meant the world to me. So, you could say I was feeling rather tragically stuck!

I discovered the KEY to effortlessly calling in love and to have him be the cherry on top of my already pretty fab life.

The way James came to me was a miracle. I discovered how to be a 'love magnet' (Yes, I know how cheesy that sounds). I developed the self trust, self awareness and self confidence to allow myself to receive my perfect match - my partner in crime. I feel 'at home' with James and I am crazy passionate about helping women like you to call in your soul mate too.

I KNOW that your guy is looking for you and waiting for you to be ready to receive him. My job is to get you ready! Hint hint .... it's an inside job!

Love, Katie xx

Above - Our 2018 wedding in Bali.

Below - Our 2019 family holiday in France.

Even More Love ...

"I was running out of hope of ever meeting my guy but she held the faith for me. Her certainty allowed me to believe that if a relationship is what my heart desires, then it is meant for me. Katie created such a compassionate and loving space for me - my innermost fears, insecurities and wounds felt safe enough to crawl out of their hiding places, come into the open, and be healed."

Mel (Hong Kong)

"Katie was able to hold the space for me to really dive deep into the blocks I was facing.  She dug in and did the work with me to help me figure out how to unravel the very old twisted beliefs we found together.  The result was way better boundaries, no more settling in my love or professional life and a sense of freedom that I hadn’t felt before.  Katie is THE premiere expert in self love."

Rachel (Los Angeles)

"I hadn't been able to find and keep the love and support of a man in my life and blamed myself. Unpicking my past with Katie’s support enabled me to heal pieces that were still so evidently effecting my present behaviour. Identifying, releasing and changing destructive belief systems has given me such a sense of clarity. For the first time in a long time I find myself in the present and looking forward, excited and prepared for the next chapter! Working with Katie has been enlightening!"

Vanessa (London)

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